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Welcome to <MSDC>

Boondock a posted Aug 1, 12

About the MSDC

We are Guardians on playing on Greybriar.

MSDC is a group of individuals who've been conquering raid content since back in 2007.  We've taken several names, such as Empire, Engima, The Drunk Tanks, and MSDC.   We played RIFT at launch, and now that it's had time to mature, we've returned to RIFT to rebuild & start conquering RIFT raid content.  We're a new guild here on Greybriar,  however the members of the MSDC have strong raiding background and will be chewing through content quickly.   As of now, We plan on picking up and gearing the remaining people needed for Raiding, and will begin raid content here in the very near future.   

We consider ourselves "hardcore" raiders, on a "non-hardcore" schedule.   We don't put up with the bullshit of a "casual" guild.  We're formed to kill raid content, and that's what we do.

About Us

We are a group of dedicated players, with an excellent work ethic when it comes to raiding. Members of the MSDC have a track record of playing at the very top of their respective classes, in any game they play.  We like to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. We are mostly late 20's mid 30's, so expect adult chat.

Raid Schedule

Monday 8pm-12am Central
Wednesday 8pm-12am Central
*Optional raiding on saturday.

Raider Requirements

Able to play well under demanding situations.
Display a good working knowledge of their class & role.
Not high maintenance or a troublemaker. 
Able to follow instructions

While I do expect you to put effort towards obtaining the best gear available to your character, i dont care about your gear.  Prove to me you can play well, and you will be geared.

Recruit period will be anything from 2-4weeks.


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